In the heart of the western suburbs of Chicago, two out of three people either don’t know Christ at all, or are missing out on the fullness of life God has for them. Over the past several years, we’ve been asking God to bring RENEWAL to our community; renewal that changes people’s lives and transforms the surrounding neighborhoods through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe God has begun to answer our prayers, and has called us to plant a church that exists for the Glory of God
and for the good of the Western Suburbs.

We are asking God to do more than plant a church. We are asking Him to do something new, through the gospel, in the lives of the 230,000 people in our community who don’t know the love of Jesus.

Great movements of spiritual renewal always begin with prayer. 

Will you pray with us?


Our desire is to see people praying for renewal in their town, for their town. One day we hope to have prayer videos for all the surrounding towns.